Working out like a celebrity – Dauntless style

Alright, alright, alright. Welcome back to Dauntless Strength and Training…the blog. So yesterday I was feeling under the weather and skipped training ( I know not a good idea). Today, still not up to par but knowing skipping two days was a bad idea, I hit the gym bright and early and tried something new.

So being dauntless, I became interested in a workout that I (don’t hold it against me) had googled. Not thinking much of it, I actually came across one that caught my eye. My search led me in the direction of’s “Divergent workout”. This workout is said to be the one the cast had endured weeks leading up to the filming of the movies.

Now if you haven’t read the books or seen the movie, I recommend reading the books before you see the movie. In any case, I was reading through this workout and was intrigued. Knowing my own body and strengths, I was determined to try this.  

The workout consists of : (I will also attach the link at the bottom)

A warm-up: 25 minute jog, now recommended a “slow, relaxed pace” just to get the heart going and rate up. I started slow and gradually increased my pace to a decent running pace before slowing back down to a “slow, relaxed” jog. It worked for me and I felt great so I stuck with it.

Next, cardio. (Nope, that 25 minutes on the treadmill DOES NOT count in this”Divergent workout” put together by This portion of the workout consisted of jumping rope and box jumps. Now, having just done 25 minutes on the treadmill at about a 9 minute mile pace, my legs are screaming and begging no more.

You start by jumping rope for 90 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds, you know interval stuff. You do this 4 times. Eventually, you want to work your way up to jumping rope for 4 minutes with a minute rest in between, you know…interval stuff.

To finish off the cardio portion you do 4 sets of 10 box jumps. Usually I can take on a 30 inch box jump but after the torture my poor legs had already been through we went with a 24 inch. I alternated sets of stationary jumping onto the box and a step and jump method.

So we have knocked out the warm and the cardio, that’s it right? NOPE. We move forward with calisthenics and plyometric drills.

The 5 stages of this portion of the “Divergent workout” are single leg balances, knee drives, burpees, push-ups and lunge kicks.

The single-leg balances are something I am most definitely going to have to work on because they are not what you would think. To me, when I initially read the article, you would balance on one leg and extend the other in front of you while lowering yourself and standing back up. Nope…not even close.

In this case a single leg balance requires you to stand in front of a partner with their hand extended at waist level in front of you. You raise one of your legs to a 90 degree angle. Now as quick as you can bring the leg you are standing on up to their hand and then attempt to land back on the same leg while the bent leg remains stationary. You do this 30 times on each leg. I’ll let you know when I don’t embarrass myself trying this. -hint: that wasn’t today-

Knee drives are a muay thai drill that I surprisingly felt like a complete and total dauntless bad@$$ trying. Get into a roper fighting stance and as quick as you can bring your rear knee to your chest, 30 times each leg.

Burpees suck, but 3 sets of 15.

Push-ups in the “Divergent workout” are 3 set of 10 each, but you do 10 wide arm, 10 with your arms in a normal or standard push-up position, and 10 close hand. It’s a nice short break for your legs.

To finish this portion of the “Divergent workout” I had to do 30 lunge kicks each leg. This one is exactly what you may think. Rear lunge and then BAM! bring that rear leg out into a kick in front of you. My quads at this point are feeling the burn.

What would a workout be without abdominal work? Well, probably one that most prefer but we are here to be dauntless, right?

So to finish this one up, abdominal work was planks, cross-crunches, and sit ups.

Planks start at the top of the push up position, 1 minute holding in there. Engage that core and enjoy the burn. Repeat this 2 more times except one handed, once with your left, once with your right. Ultimately we want to work our way up to 90 seconds.

Cross-crunches, lay down with the hips and knees at 90 degree angles and bring the left elbow to the right knee and right elbow to the left knee. Only need to do a total of 30 of these bad boys.

Finish it off with 30 sit ups; 10 bringing yourself the whole way up and the whole way down. Another 10 coming only half way up and finish at the top and only come down half way.

TAH DAH! You completed my warm up for today. LOL. For real though. This in itself had my body burning, Although there is no weight lifting in this routine it was working lower body exercises like I hadn’t in a long time.

After all of this, I worked out with a partner. We tailored our routine to her injuries in her back and the routine consisted of a lot negatives or eccentric work that included working quads, hamstrings, and of course that booty work. It was definitely a successful routine I will be trying again. My legs will be paying for it tomorrow.

Click here for’s explanation of today’s “Divergent workout”.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

– Sam
Dauntless Strength and Training
 Strength and Fitness don’t scare us, they wake us up. 

Secrets Revealed

HEY! Welcome to my Thursday night thoughts. Today I am going to reveal **pause or dramatic effect** MY SECRETS! I’m just kidding I don’t really have secrets when it comes to my fitness routine. I have always been an open book about what has worked best for me through my journey.

Now, if you have read the “About” section of the page then you know I was struggling daily to even look at myself in the mirror. I would not wear certain items of clothing and my wardrobe consisted of -sigh- maternity pants (no, I wasn’t pregnant) and various black hoodies. Now, rewind to my birthday celebration this year (23 February if anyone is wondering), a gal pal of mine and I have the same birthday and she was in town celebrating with me. We were getting ready to go to a local “country” bar and I was at an all time low. I was reminded that night that I was overweight and it made me feel disgusting. Five days later I was in the local boxing gym taking HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes and shortly there after fell head over heels in love with a strength training routine. My life changed.

1 – Workouts – My first secret was those HIIT classes, I was in them 5-6 times a week, sweating and punching away my excess fat and frustrations. Shortly after I started HIIT classes, strength and stamina training was knocking at my door. My goals were different then and it was the step I needed to find where my passion lied. Strength training was everything I wanted and needed and some. Then I was introduced to this revolutionary idea; supplements.

2 – Supplements – It started with pre workout and thermogenics. I dropped weight quicker than my two year old drops his plate of food onto the floor. One supplement ended up turning into quite an impressive daily stack of supplements. Every morning started with fat burners before a smoothie for breakfast, a multivitamin, a joint supplement, and vanilla protein powder in said breakfast smoothie. Then, pending the daily plans, pre workout before a HIIT class and another scoop before strength training. Followed immediately by another delicious PB and chocolate protein shake. BCAAs were a daily and regular occurrence throughout my strength workouts and long work days when food choices were lacking. Fat burners were a twice a day (usually before breakfast and dinner) thing and if my pre workout wouldn’t have advised against more than two scoops a day that probably would have happened more often too. I made due with the time that I had available and the time I carved out just for this journey.

3 – TIME – I cannot stress enough how important this one aspect of my entire routine is. TIME, TIME, TIME! You cannot walk into a gym and expect to know it all right from the beginning, nor can you expect to shed 50 pounds overnight. Regardless of the ads, regardless of your cousin’s friend’s sister’s aunt tells you, losing weight takes TIME! It took me 6 and a half months of hard work and valuable time to lose 50 pounds and become who is sitting at this keyboard today. Time and dedication will get you results. You just have to be willing to work for it…over time!

“I don’t have time” I’ve heard people say. It’s not about having the time, it is about making the time. If you are not willing to make the time then don’t expect the changes to happen, they won’t. You won’t see the changes overnight, but everything is changing. Just wait.

4 – Dedication – Dedication requires sacrifice; sacrifice the tasty cakes, sacrifice the soda, sacrifice the fast food. It’s not about the end result yet, it’s all about what you are willing to do to get to the end result. I had my sights set on 50 pounds gone, I made a plan and I dedicated everything I could to the journey that would get me to my end result. My journey was not 50% this, 10% that and 40% of the other thing; it was simply 100% dedication. Dedication to my journey, dedication to myself.

When people ask me about “my secrets” I am an open book, I will tell you what works for me. I will willingly share every supplement name with you and where the best deal to get them is. I have no secrets in my routine, just a goal , time, and dedication…mix in a few supplements and BAM you know what I know. My diet did not drastically change except for the sugars in soda and bad fats were gone. I put everything I have into the new me and this is where in led me. I am still pushing and I may not be a fitness model but I am a whole new me and proud of it. I took the time to learn the different aspects of fitness, I found what works for me and I ran with it, even though I still hate running.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for” – Unknown

– Sam
Dauntless Strength and Training
 “showing fearlessness and determination” 


Day 1; Welcome and Wow

She’s strong, but she’s exhausted – r.h. sin

Well for those of you that were here a few days ago, you’ve noticed few changes and, well, that would make you extremely observant. And for those that have not been here yet, WELCOME! The blog was temporarily shut down for some “maintenance”. In all reality my husband forgot to back it up on our server, but HEY! we are back and I like to think I am enjoying the new setup a little (okay, a lot) better.

With that being said I put an extensive amount of work into recreating not only the blog itself, but I attached our Facebook group, IG, email, and even a Twitter account; all of which was done in just a few hours this morning. I am still trying to get used to it all but I promise will get there.

Alright so onto fitness.

Through many months of strength training my days have always been broken down into “upper body” and “lower body” days. Since training on my own I have realized how important it is to break these days down even further to focus on sets of upper body muscle groups (arms, back, chest, etc) and the same for lower body days (hamstrings, quads, glutes, etc). Not only does it help myself and my training partner focus more on specific exercises but it helps to create a muscular balance that I overall wish to have. I mean don’t get me wrong, I strive to have a KKW booty and all, but I want the rest of my body to look just as amazing, without the cosmetic surgery that some may take. *no judgement, you do you boo boo*

This evening’s upper body workout consisted of:

Stretches (focusing mostly on the upper body)
– for these I vary the stretch depending on what the rest of the workout will consist of

Warming up (and in my case today) Waking up the Central Nervous System
– Chest throws with a medicine ball
– Overhead rear throws with a medicine ball
– Various jumps (long jump, high jump, triple jump)


Main lift
– Bench Press (there are various ways to do this and I HIGHLY suggest a spot, and research the best way for you to achieve the right form)

Giant set (a giant set is a set of three or more) exercises done one right after another, no rest)
– Bent over rows
– Curls
– Tricep pull downs

Conditioning (winding down but not quitting just yet)
– Farmer’s carry (dumbbells or plates)
-If you are looking to improve grip strength I have found plates have been an excellent tool to use in this exercise
– Tire flips
– And while your partner (if you have or use one does the first two) hit those battle ropes

I chose this workout specifically for today to work arms (both biceps and triceps) and chest. It is ALWAYSALWAYS ALWAYS important to use correct form, no matter what the exercise, start low weight and get that form right before you try to impress the local strongman with something heavy.

Hope this helps set your day for a good workout, you’re only one workout away from a good mood.

– Sam
Dauntless Strength and Training
Strength and fitness don’t scare us, they wake us up.